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What are abdominal migraines and how do I treat them with Co-Q (Q10)?

What are abdominal migraines, cyclical vomiting syndrome, and how to treat them with Co-Q (Q10) Coq10 #Spoonie #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Fibro #Fibromyalgia Fierce Fibro Femme

What are abdominal migraines and how do I treat them with Co-Q (Q10)?

Cyclical vomiting syndrome, also known as CVS , abdominal migraines or periodic vomiting, is a chronic illness that most often accompanies abdominal migraines and cluster headaches often caused by mitochondrial dysfunctions. The symptoms of CVS may vary from one individual to another; but most report is as life altering and difficult to cope with. Cyclical vomiting syndrome is exactly what the name entails- this invisible sickness causes for flares of nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and severe pain. The symptoms can last from 1 to 10 days, although it's typically the latter, with people vomiting several times in one day. Most people with CVS will have 4 to 12 attacks per year , meaning at best you're ill 4 days out of the year due to CVS and at worst 120 days.
Abdominal Migraines are different than nausea that accompanies mental health or chronic illness. It is a disability on it's own, a completely separate entity than any other illness. It is not a name for secondary symptoms or for people who have weak stomachs ; these attacks have landed me in the hospital every single time due to severe dehydration and malnutrition. I've been completely bed ridden for those days and can't get very far, nor can I eat.

What is Coq10 Enzyme and what does it do?

Co-q (q10) is a naturally producing enzyme that assists with allowing cells to function properly. Given that abdominal periodical migraines tend to be a mitochondiral disease, this makes the body have difficulty processing food which may increase nausea and vomiting. By adding Coq10 enzymes supplements , this helps convert food into energy which may limit stress on your body! Check with your doctor before adding any supplements because some people report secondary side effects similar to abdominal migraines.

My story

Let’s talk about the most intense , debilitating and frustrating illness that I’ve been diagnosed with , which is also the one that seems to be least common and most rare (Im soooo special people! 🙄). In January, I started suffering from intense nausea , vomiting multiple times per day out of nowhere , difficulty eating , processing what I ate , my taste buds completely changed and I started becoming intolerant to a lot of foods. The vomiting and nausea were and still are so bad that I can’t move too fast, get waves i have to breathe through about once every hour and take a solid dozen gravol PER DAY - although I’ve switched to the ginger ones since I was starting to have secondary symptoms with the amount i was taking. 
I was diagnosed with CVS- cyclical vomiting syndrome. Even the name makes people cringe and the illness isn’t any better ; There are four « stages », but the acute stage tends to last 1 to 10 days of nausea so intense I can only handle soylents, vomiting several times every hour and I’ve had to get hospitalized for dehydration every time. You can stop the acute phase IF and ONLY IF you catch it on time or you stop eating everything irritating , alcohol, smoking , stress, emotional excitement, allergies , illnesses... you practically have to live in a bubble, and even then if you get too excited or have your period (especially with my PCOS) can cause a flare. There are no medications , barely any research and most definitely no cure. Most people have around 4 to 12 attacks per year. It’s also completely separate from the nausea someone may experience with chronic illness or IBS. They do however often accompany abdominal migraines (stomach pain to the point where I pass out) or cluster migraines (which are just as fun).
CVS is brutal and is one of the reasons why I have a difficulty working , going to school or even socializing! So if you, your friend or family member has been diagnosed , be prepared for a lot of snuggles, thrillers in bed and discovering what smoothies you/they love 💕 .

To diagnose, most people go through a series of testing and different types of doctors before being given a diagnosis. Most patients require imaging studies like a CT or ultrasounds, lab tests and motility tests.
Currently there are no cures other than avoiding anything that may trigger cyclical abdominal migraines such as allergies, stress, emotional excitement, smoking, drinking, eating anything that doesnt agree with your body, spices, menstrutations... so it's nearly impossible to manage as a woman as I know I will have an attack when i start my period. Coq10 enzymes can be added to your regiment and may help.
This is debilitating, scary and devestating. Most doctors other write off CVS as symptoms of other things or medication - however it is abnormal for anyone to be getting sick to this extend on a monthly basis.
If you think you might have cyclical vomiting syndrome, start keeping a log book of every time you get sick, what you were eating that day, your stress levels and any other environmental factors. You need MINIMAlLY six months of information for a diagnosis, just like fibromyalgia, and to go see a GI specialist to be confirmed.
If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed, I absolutely adore ensures or soylents for the day's I can't eat. It helps maintain my levels of electrolytes at a normal ish balance when I'm ill and slows down my weight loss! Coq10 enzyme is the most effective treatment that has been studied so far from what I have found which is explained in detail below. I also find on days like these that mixing magnesium citrate or EmergenC is wonderful. I ususally wouldn't reccomend fake vitamins but emergenC allows you to ingest them quickly - hopefully before the next round of nausea hits.

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  1. How interesting! Thank you for sharing your personal journey with this. My sister has had mitocarditis and cyclical vomiting. She takes CoQ10 but often didn’t know why it would come on. Very frustrating! And the doctors all think you’re crazy! Literally told her to see a Psychiatrist. I will share this article with her. I know it will help.

    1. That is one of the best messages I have ever received , thank you so so much ♥️ Knowing that someone may pull education or even just some validation in what I write is exactly why I do it. I hope you and your sister are doing well and I’m sending tons of positivity your way !

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