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Healing through writing.

Dear Narcissistic Victim,
When I met you, I was a tower. I was solid. Many had tried to chip away at it but none had emerged victorious. You were not someone I wanted to know , a cold abyss of darkness that leached off of the world and drowned others in her tears. I currently lay in ignorance as I do not understand the snarl you wish to emanate as a guttural battle cry, noises coming from a mouth rotten from lies nor your ruthless pursuit for cause of destruction in my life. You wish to draw a white flag from me, clutched from broken hands as crimson flows from me. You have decided to infiltrate every nook and cranny of my life, like a cockroach whom I can not kill, and yet who lurks, awaiting for me to show a moment of weakness (cockroaches are hella sadistic, didn’t you know?). You have ripped everything away from me, like a security blanket I was holding on to dear life that you tore from my grasp. Love, security, sanity. I do not know you and yet you are a vile addition to my life.
I do not understand what I have done to you, but it ends now.
You have continuously caused me grief and frustration, abusing love everywhere you go as well as making me fear for my safety. I hope you are in no way proud of yourself, and if you are, I hope you recognize that negative behavior as a desperate need for professional help.
I love myself, even if you do not. I will walk out with my head held high even though every step I will take, my fingers will clench a little tighter to assure that you can not hurt me. You did not break me, you just made me realize my tower could be built even stronger than it was before.
Wicked Witch.

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