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Anxiety is a common and human emotion. We all feel anxiety during stressful moments, but Generalized Anxiety Disorder , also just commonly referred to as Anxiety, comes when someone has uncontrollable and recurring anxiety that is amplified and makes it hard to carry out day to day situations. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is heavily tied to depression and affects twice as many females as males- although men can definitely have it too! Anxiety usually begins in childhood although can be developed later in life. Studies have shown that there is a mix of both biology and environmental factors that contribute to Anxiety. It is also shown that traumatic events at an early age can alter your “fight or flight” process and make you over reactive to stress.
Not only does Generalized Anxiety Disorder affect your mental well being, but common physical ailments such as tension, headaches, peeing like a race horse and stomach cramps are also associated. Therapy, even without medication, has been shown to greatly help in managing this disorder.


  • Do you constantly feel tense?
  • Do you have intrusive thoughts or concerns?
  • Do you avoid certain situations out of worry?
  • When you are under stress, do you experience any of the following : sweating,
  • trembling, dizziness or a rapid heartbeat?
  • Have you ever had severe episodes of anxiety that happenned after a specific trigger? Also commonly known as a Panic Attack.
  • Do you suffer from muscle tension, headaches, stomach cramps, and/or frequent urination?
  • Do you have persistent and intrusive thoughts that you feel as if you HAVE to follow? Obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms such as compulsions has been known to be a symptom of Anxiety


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