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Bell Let's Talk- Jan 25th 2015

Bell Let’s Talk Instagram Post by Chloe.Meagan

Today is @Bell_letstalk day!
In August 2016, I started struggling in my personal life. I was living in an environment that was unhealthy, and then met a wonderful person that sadly, had a toxic person abusing them daily. We removed ourselves out of this situation, but nothing improved. I fractured my ankle in September, fell ill with walking pneumonia and misdiagnosed with asthma. This on top of the toxic person ended up costing me my school life as I missed too many classes to proceed with the program, had to quit work as I could not be employed for the hours I promised, had my friends leave me, my parents put me down and my cat passed away. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia again, but this time with bronchitis. I lost my social circle, my place in my community, my status in my family as well as incredible amount of wages. With all of this, I have started struggling with depression.
HOWEVER, Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to talk to you lovelies about the positive steps that I have taken to advance my life even through all of these ordeals. I started doing yoga and working out at home, eating properly and taking vitamins. I have changed my bedside table light to UV as I am not leaving the apartment as much as I would like to, but make sure to try and go out for fresh air! We are dealing with the negative person in our life, and after three moves in three months, my best friend and I have finally found a place to call home. I have applied to school for the Public Relations Diploma online so I can do something productive with my day, and obviously I started this social media a month and a half ago and have met all of you incredible people. I am ready to tackle the 🌎!
I am not depressed, I am simply just treating depression. Let’s bring some Hope and support into the conversation for us struggling with any kind of mental illness.
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