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Aerial Yoga & Aerial Sling for Fibromyalgia & MeCFS

Fierce Fibro Flyer - Aerial Yoga & Aerial Hammock for Chronic Pain


I share this quite a bit over social media, but I used to be heavily involved in sports. I started competitive gymnastics at the age of 18 months old, having my mom quit her career towards age 5 to become my coach as I was spending so much time in the gym. After an injury that left me terrified to tumble backwards, I found new sports like rugby , playing fullback competitively for a few years, martial arts , cheerleading and dance. I absolutely adored pushing my body to it's limits , feeling myself gasp for air and my muscles ache was a victory.

I joined the military after my time in university, and soon after suffered another serious injury during training that left me in a wheelchair. I kept wishing that I would get better, and although the injuries were healing, I continued to progressively deteriorate. It wasn't until four years later, after countless doctors and tests, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Since then, I have tried many different physical activities, all of which seemed to aggravate the chronic illness. I tried less impact based sports like weight traning and yoga , finding it tough on my joints. Runnng and anything with active cardio was out of the question as simply walking room to room can cause me to faint, and I also felt uncomfortable signing up for a class as I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with others.

I saw a video detailing aerial yoga and fell in love with the grace and ease of movements. Since starting aerial hammock, I've noticed some pros and cons which I will be sharing with you as each week goes by - but the biggest, most incredible thing about aerial sling is that I have been able to do it almost every single day even during flares.

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Pain clinic assessment 09/17: “She has no issue with normal gait...strength is good. Does not appear to have any issues with balance. She is able to fully to extend with no issues. She has 5/5 strength on both sides...although again, right side appears to be 5/5. She has some particularly good strength on the left. Her reflexes are brisk...Again, she has what is noted as normal strength bilaterally. Again, her reflexes are brisk bilaterally. She appears quite hypermobile.”The issues with #MECfS and #Fibromyalgia is that some days are good, some days are bad- but on top of that, some hours are amazing, and some are pure hell. It’s clear that there needs to be more understanding and research within the medical community to understand this illness; these two videos were taken a few days apart. The first one was after running around all day , being extremely stressed and having forgot to eat while the second day is after a relaxing morning with good food and some self care. Flares can come suddenly and abruptly , and we tend to hide away when they happen so you tend to only see the best part of our chronic illness. . . . . . . #spoonie #chronicpain #pcos #spoonielife #spoonies #spoonieproblems #recovering #heal #spoonieprobs #spooniecommunity #ehlerdanlos #cfs #spoonieblogger #spooniegirl #pain #chronicfatiguesyndrome #invisibleillness #invisibledisability #chronicillness #recovery #healing #disability #disabled #fibro #butyoudontlooksick #health

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In no way am I a professional and please consult with your doctor before starting any physical exercise regiment.

I am extremely excited to share with you my progress in not only aerial yoga and hammock, but also if my symptoms improve, alterations to movements that my body may not be able to do with fibromyalgia and also any awesome tips I learn to help with chronic pain. You can find me on youtube or also follow me on the blog where I will keep you updated!

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