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Hey there lovelies, It’s Chloe.Meagan ! I am the original idea behind this website although I have to say that without all of the help from you, and Auggie.Blue, there would have been no way I could have made this come true.
To start off, Welcome! I am thrilled you have taken the time to read this little blurb about me and what made HealingThroughPositivity possible. I grew up not very aware of the lgbtq community; the towns I moved around from were usually quite small, and even if I was lucky to live in a city for a few months, never had a friend or source of support that could empathize and guide me when I came out. I do not mean that my friends werent amazing, I was quite blessed, but I felt as if I had no where to turn to when it came to INFORMATION. See, I am a huge scholar and nerd. I like to know how and why things work, their repercussions and the effects. I like being good at things, and being as educated as I can in domains I am interested in.
During this time, I searched online for hours for resources, only finding very sexualised information about lesbian couples that helped me in no way, and it left me even more confused about the concept of what queer dynamics and sexual relations look like. I thought to myself, How is this normal? Why is it that there isn’t a place for younger people of the LGBTQ community to find this information and share it as well while also making sure that it is supported by the appropriate and credible sources.
I am in no way trying to ruin the surprise of exploring each other, but I do want you to be as informed as possible if you choose to be on these topics. Everything I post on this blog pertaining to a subject will have the links where this information was found, on top of that this information will only be found in the most reputable of source.
Not only that, but I have had a very turbulent and chaotic life that has pushed me down multiple times, and the outcomes have allowed me to see the beauty in the awful messes we are sometimes thrust into. That is why I also want there to be support and tools for people experiencing conversations that are impossible to have. Sexual assault, mental illness, eating disorders, or just plain bad habits you can’t break. I want you to feel like you have a place to come to when the world is just too much to bear.
The last thing about me is that I am ALL ABOUT THAT POSITIVITY. Yeah, no duh sherlock. As much as we will broach many difficult topics, I also want to celebrate everything positive in your life! I want to make sure that you can come on HealingThroughPositivity as much on awesome, I just killed it days as those days where you feel like clouds are following you.
This will be a work in progress for me as well as I will be trying to update and learn about as many topics as possible for you during this time. Please be patient and kind with me as I am just a mere hooman.
Hopefully with these tools, you’ll find it easier to Heal and Be Positive.
All of the love,

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